Sir Walter Scott`s Meerschaum pipes, spectacles, case, and paper-cutter.

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Dress in the Age of Jane Austen by Hilary Davidson.

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Meerschaum Pipes, Spectacles, Case, Paper-Cutter,
Sir Walter Scott`s Pipes, Spectacles, Case, Paper-Cutter

Sir Walter Scott`s Meerschaum pipes, spectacles and case, and paper-cutter.

SIR WALTER’S pipes are finely coloured meerschaum, mounted in silver and with silver covers. The larger one has a perforated ornament round the cover with stem of cherry wood and cord and tassels of black and gold. The smaller pipe has a silver cleaner attached by a chain, and the initials W. S. and Abbotsford engraved on the cover.

The paper-knife is of ivory with a scroll and foliage design on one panel of the handle. A woodland scene with stag is carved on the other. The spectacles are of tortoise-shell with red leather case. These gabions are drawn nearly full size.

Source: Abbotsford; the personal relics and antiquarian treasures of Sir Walter Scott. Illustrated by William Gibb. By Maxwell-Scott, Mary Monica. London A. and C. Black 1893.