Montenegro. Traditional costumes from Risan on the Bay of Kotor.

Montenegro, Crna, Gora, Risan, Vladimir, Kirin, Srpske, nacionalne, kostime, Vladimir Kirin
Montenegro. Crna Gora, Risan.

Montenegro. Folk costumes from Risan.

Црна Гора народне ношње из Рисна.

By Vladimir Kirin.

Risan (Greek Rhizon; Latin Risinium, Italian Risano) is a small town on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. The town of 3500 inhabitants is part of the municipality (Opština) of Kotor. Risan is situated in the innermost corner of the bay, below almost 1,000 m high limestone walls of the Orjen Mountains.

Source: Vladimir Kirin. Serbian national costumes. Srpske nacionalne kostime.


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