Macedonia. Traditional costumes from Kruševo, Prilep. By Vladimir Kirin.

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Macedonia. Kruševo, Prilep.

Macedonian national costumes from Kruševo, Prilep.

Македонски народни носии од Крушево, Прилеп.

By Vladimir Kirin.

Kruševo (Macedonian Крушево) is a town in southwestern northern Macedonia in the Pelagonia region. It is the capital of the Opština of the same name. The city was the capital of the short-lived Republic of Kruševo during the anti-Ottoman uprising in 1903.

Kruševo is the only city in the world where Aromanian is allowed as an official language. Aromanian (also Macedoranian, proper name armãneashce or limba armâneascâ) is the Romance language spoken by Aromanians in the southern Balkans. It is written in the Latin or Greek alphabet, depending on the country; a standardised orthography with the Latin alphabet has now become established.

Prilep (Macedonian Прилеп) is a town in southern northern Macedonia, in the northern part of the Pelagonian Plain. It is the centre of the municipality of the same name.

Source: Vladimir Kirin. Serbian national costumes. Srpske nacionalne kostime.


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