Muslin robe, yellow shoes. Morning Dresses May 1794.

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The Gallery of Fashion. Morning Dresses May 1794.

Muslin robe, yellow shoes.


A turban made of book-muslin, crossed at the left side in three parts with pearls; the two ends falling to the bottom of the waist, trimmed with a deep silver fringe. A yery long pearl suspended under a gold crescent, placed in the front of the turban. One cherry-coloured and two white feathers placed in the centre of the head-dress. The hair dressed extremely light, in curls. Long pearl ear-rings, and four rows of pearls round the neck.

A round gown of clear lawn, trimmed round the neck with lace, with a single narrow flounce, headed with cherry-coloured riband; long sleeves, with short loose sleeves over them. Lawn handkerchief put within the gown. A festoon gold chain over the shoulder with a large medallion hanging on the right side. Cherry-coloured sash tied behind in a bow, the two ends as long as the train. White shoes, with cherry-coloured trimmings.


The turban of silver, or glass-gauze, the ends falling to the bottom of the waist; the crown of scarlet velvet. In the front, a large diamond pin, a gold heron and four deep yellow ostrich feathers. The hair drawn through the turban in light ringlets. Brilliant ear-rings. Two rows of pearls round the neck.

A muslin robe, embroidered in silver, with a narrow flounce of the same; long white sarsenet sleeves, trimmed at the wrist with lace, and tied with yellow ribands. Handkerchief of clear lawn, put within the robe. Sash of silver tissue. Yellow shoes.

Source: The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 1. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. 


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