The fashion of Regency. England 1795. Russia robe of white muslin.

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EVENING DRESS, November 1795

Chiffonet of light blue satin. Russia robe of white muslin.

Evening dress. November 1795. The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2. April 1795 To March 1796.


The hair dressed in large curls; the side hair in ringlets. Chiffonet of light blue satin, the ends trimmed with blue silk and silver fringe. One black craped feather in the front; one white and one yellow ostrich feather placed on the right side. White muslin petticoat.

Russia robe of white muslin, embroidered in blue and silver. Long sleeves of blue satin; the epaulettes looped up with a large pearl; the whole trimmed with blue silk and silver fringe. Small handkerchief, drawn together in the front with a diamond slider. Two strings of pearls round the neck. Diamond earrings. White shoes, embroidered in silver.