Jacket and petticoat of sprig muslin. Blue satin shoes. Swan down muff.

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Heideloff`s Gallery of Fashion. Evening Dress. March 1795.

Jacket and petticoat of sprig muslin.


The hair in light curls and ringlets. Turban of light blue crape; bandeau of gold foil, set with diamonds and pearls; the hind hair turned up, mixed with the turban, and the ends returned in ringlets. Jacket and petticoat of sprig muslin; four plaits across the petticoat; the jacket trimmed on the back with lace; short sleeves. Small handkerchief, trimmed with lace. Sash of blue satin riband. Three strings of pearls round the neck. Pearl ear-rings. Blue satin shoes. White gloves. Swan down muff.

Source: THE GALLERY OF FASHION Vol. 1,. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. 


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