Paris full dresses in 1810. Miscellaneous Observations.

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Paris full dresses, March 1810.

Paris full dresses, March 1810.

Regency fashion. France First Empire era.

FIG. 1. Cornette à barbe d’un côté.
FIG. 2. Capote en velours et satin blanc.

Miscellaneous Observations.

Several new shapes have been introduced in chips, straws, and Leghorns; split straws are preferred. Fancy feathers, particularly the imitation of the Indian plume, are much worn. Long pelisses seem generally to have, given way to, short ones, trimmed with lace or fur. The favourite colours are brown, purple, lilac, yellow, and scarlet.

The fashions of London & Paris. (1798‐1806). London: Printed for Sir Richard Phillips 1767-1840.

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