Tunics and bed jackets for home based on Ralmon fabrics.

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Linens and Tunics for the Home. “Parisian style” models based on Ralmon fabrics and ribbons. Le style parisien 1915.

Linens and Tunics for the Home. “Parisian style” models based on Ralmon fabrics and ribbons. 

Le style parisien 1915. Plate XI.

Liseuses et Tuniques pour la Maison. Modèles “du Style Parisien” d’après les Tissus et Rubans de Ralmon.

  • Fig. 204. Tunic of blue silk muslin brooch with velvet bouquets in red and green (Raimon No. 8752-4) Waistband in plain silk muslin. Collar and sleeves trimmed with fur.
  • Fig. 205. Little jacket in blue silk muslin broché with silk roses. (Raimon No. 8254-1) trimmed with chinchilla.
  • Fig. 206. “Liseuse” in blue silk muslin broché with grey velvet (Raimon No. 8138-1) and trimmed with skunk.
  • Fig. 207. “Liseuse” in grey chiffon with leaves in dark blue velvet (Raimon No. 8620-3) Cordeliére of grey silk. Collar and facings in grey velvet.
  • Fig. 208. Tunic in blue chiffon with smocking at the waist, ribbon drawn through and fastening in front with a little rose. The collar and bottom of the tunic are in chiffon broché with velvet spots of a matching shade (Raimon No. 8286-1721). Trimming in kolinski.
  • Fig. 209. Tunic in plain chiffon trimmed with blue faille ribbon bordered wih velvet to match (Raimon No. 165-18).
  • Fig. 210. “Liseuse” in red and blue chiffon broché with velvet daisies (Raimon No. 8620-3). Band of marabout.

Source: Le style parisien. Planche XI. Supplément du “Style Parisian” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.

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