Ancient Etruscan ceramics. Antefixes. Céramique Étrusque.

Antiques, Etruscan, ceramics, Antefixes, Campana, collections,
Antiques. Etruscan ceramics. Antefixes.

Etruscan ceramics. Antefixes.

Antiques. Céramique Étrusque. Antefixes.

Among the primitive monuments preserved in the Campana collections, the two Antefixes or top-tiles which adorn the peediments, and which bear the attributes of the goddess Io (transformed into a cow by Jupiter), seem to throw a new light not only on the origin of Art, but also on the history of the primitive times of Italy. These monuments might prove the establishment of an Ionian colony in Etruria towards the 8th century B.C., and its fusion with these warlike primitive tribes ( see the head-dresses in the shape of helmets).

These two pieces are not only interesting with respect to their shape, but also to the colors of the primitive Polychromy which are yellow ochre, red brown and black. These colors strike us as being sufficiently indicated by the drawings, which represents objects half the real size.


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