Parsis in India. The Parsee.

Zoroaster, Zoroastrianism, Parsee

Traditional Parsis in India.

History of the Parsee. Zoroastrianism in India.

Parsee, Marriage, Ceremony, Parsis, costumes,Zoroastrianism,  India,
A Marriage Ceremony
Parsee, Ceremony, Investiture Sudra, Kusti, Parsi, Zoroastrianism, India
Ceremony of Investiture with the Sudra and Kusti.
Parsi, India, sacred, architecture, tower silence, Zoroastria,
Plan of a tower of silence.

Source: History of the Parsis: including their manners, customs, religion and present position by Dosabhai Framji Karaka; in two volumes. London, 1884.


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