Parsis in India. The Parsee.

Zoroaster. Zoroastrianism in India. Traditional Parsee clothing


Traditional Parsis in India.

History of the Parsee. Zoroastrianism in India.

Parsee Marriage Ceremony. Parsis costumes. Zoroastrianism in India.

A Marriage Ceremony

Parsee Ceremony. Investiture Sudra, Kusti. Parsi costumes. Zoroastrianism India

Ceremony of Investiture with the Sudra and Kusti.

India sacred architecture. tower of silence. Zoroastrianism in India. History of the Parsis.

Plan of a tower of silence.

Source: History of the Parsis: including their manners, customs, religion and present position by Dosabhai Framji Karaka; in two volumes. London, 1884.


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