The Regency fashion 1794. White chip gipsy hat with a yellow riband.

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MORNING DRESS, September 1794

Regency white chip gipsy hat with a yellow riband.

September 1794. Morning Dress. The Gallery of Fashion. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.

England Morning Dress September 1794.


Large white chip gipsy hat; round the crown a yellow riband, tied in a large easy bow on the right side; another riband of the same colour passing over the crown, and tied in a small bow upon the breast. A large black ostrich feather placed on the left side. The hair combed straight up on the forehead, and the rest lightly frizzed, and thrown into small curls and ringlets; the rose-coloured riband in the hair tied in a small bow in the front.

Round gown of lawn with a narrow flounce, the gaufred plaits scallopped; short sleeves. Round the neck a full lawn plaiting à ľ Espagnole. Sash of broad yellow silk riband, tied behind in a small bow, the two ends nearly as long as the gown. Black silk netted cloak, trimmed with a full plaiting of lace, drawn and tied in the front, the two ends hanging down very low. Gold ear-rings, Jonquille-coloured gloves and shoes. Parasol of green taffeta, trimmed with a while fringe.

Source: THE GALLERY OF FASHION Vol. 1,. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. 


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