The Regency fashion. Round gown of fine callico. 1794.

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Round gown of fine callico. Gown and petticoat of plain muslin. 

Morning dresses. October 1794. The Gallery of Fashion. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.


HEAD-DRESS. White hat, bound in black, and formed into a sharp point in the front, tied down with a yellow handkerchief; a yellow ostrich feather placed in the front. The hair of the toupee in small curls, the hind hair in ringlets. Gown and petticoat of plain muslin. Long sleeves; short sleeves, in small plaits, over them; the short sleeves and the gown trimmed with the same. The petticoat with a very broad hem. Handkerchief within the belt. Jonquille-coloured gloves and shoes.


HEAD·DRESS. Small white silk hat, trimmed with yellow and pink-striped riband; a deep veil of clear white lawn, with an embroidered border in colours. The hair in light curls. Round gown of fine callico, with a narrow flounce of the same. Short full sleeves of plain muslin, made up into three different forms; the upper part loose, the middle in small plaits, and the end in ruffles. Over the shoulders pink and yellow taffeta, put into plaits, and crossing in the front. A narrow pink riband round the waist, tied on the left side. A string of white beads round the neck. Gold ear-rings. Yellow gloves and shoes.

Source: THE GALLERY OF FASHION Vol. 1. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. 


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