Spotted black silk shoe of British peeress, the Duchess of Norfolk.

Spotted, black, silk shoe, Duchess,  Norfolk, Baroness, Mordaunt, British, peeress,
Lady Mary Mordaunt’s black silk shoe, 17th century

Spotted black silk shoe of the Duchess of Norfolk.


LADY MARY MORDAUNT (Mary Howard, Duchess of Norfolk and 7th Baroness Mordaunt, British peeress c.1659–17 November 1705) was the owner of this shoe, the material of which is closely spotted black silk.

The shoe is without bow, tie, or straps, and has a plain and insignificant appearance ; and its low heel makes it partake rather too much of the nature of a slipper.

Book: Ladies’ old-fashioned shoes by T. Watson Greig 1885.


Note:  Woman's dress. Fashion in Europe 16th & 17th century. Ruffs. Hairstyles.

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