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Parisian boatman dress of the early ages.

Ancient Gaulish celt clothing. Parisian boatman costume.

Parisian boatman of the first ages. Gaulish celt.

Parisian boatman dress of the early ages.

Batelier Parisien des premiers âgés..

From thé book: Paris à travers les siècles. Histoire nationale de Paris et des Parisiens depuis la fondation de Lutèce jusqu’à nos jours, by Nicolas Jules Henri Gourdon de Genouillac. Published 1879.

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The shields of the Gauls. Clans in the Roman Empire.

Leather covered Highland Shield Target. Ancient Celtic shields. Gaul weapons

Above: Leather covered Highland Target. Below: Steel Target that belonged to the Earl of Mar, 1715.

Shield of Gallic, British, German and Iberian auxiliary Regiments. Clans in the Roman Empire.

The shield of the Gauls.

The shield of the Gauls, according to Strabo and Virgil, was usually long, and the Ligurians carried one of the same form. In sculpture, we perceive the Germans with an oval shaped buckler of ample dimensions. Tacitus admits it was large, but suited to the size of the bearer. Continue reading