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Inhabitants of the Caroline Islands.

Caroline Islands costumes. Oceania clothing. Asia tribals tattoo

Inhabitants of the Caroline Islands

Inhabitants of the Caroline Islands in 1840.

Habitans des Iles Carolines

From the book: Natural History and pictures of the people and the different races and tribes according to the latest discoveries and most exquisite original research, edited by HR Schinz. Honeggersche Lithographic Institute, 3. Advanced ed. 1845 Zurich.

Tattooed Japanese man.

Japanese full body tattoo. Traditional Japan Tattoos

Japanese with full body tattoo

An elaborately Tattooed Japanese man.

Tattooing of this complex and highly coloured type was at one time not uncommon in Japan.

From the book: Living Races of Mankind. A popular illustrated account of the customs, habits, pursuits, feasts, and ceremonies of the races of mankind throughout the world by Henry Neville Hutchinson (1856-1927), John Walter Gregory and Richard Lydekke. Published by Hutchinson & Co. Paternoster Row, London 1902.

A Tungusian, Evenki in his ordinary Dress.

Evenki traditional Dress. Tungus or Tunguz, Mongolian folk costumes

A Tungusian, Evenki in his ordinary Dress.

A Tungusian, Evenki in his ordinary Dress.

Un Toungouse en Habit ordinaire. 

INCESSANTLY changing their place of abode, the habitations of the Evenki are as moveable as themselves. They consist of several poles driven into the ground, and covered over with matting, made of birch-tree bark, and very much resembling the coarsest cloth. At the top of this tent an aperture is left for the purpose of letting out the smoke. Continue reading

Ornamental tattooing from Africa, Borneo, New Zealand

Ornamental tattooing. Tattoo tribe Maori. Borneo Tribals. Japanese full body tattoo

Ornamental tattooing

Ornamental tattooing from Africa, Borneo, Caroline Island, New Zealand and Japan.

  • 1 African woman.
  • 2 Chief Hirtin Paevata from New Zealand.
  • 3 King Tauhiao 1825-1894 (King Tawhiao leader of the Waikato tribes, the second Māori King and a religious visionary. Member of the Ngāti Mahuta kiwi tribe ) from New Zealand.
  • 4 Caroline islanders.
  • 5.6. Hands and feet of a man from the tribe of Kayak on Borneo.
  • 7 Japanese.

Source: Meyers encyclopedia. 5 Edition. Bibliographic Institute Leipzig. Article tattooing. (Bd.18)