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Children’s Costumes. Le style parisien 1915.

Children's Costumes. Le style parisien. Art deco fashion magazine. French parisiennes collection haute couture.

Children’s Costumes – Costumes d’Enfants

Children’s Costumes. Le style parisien 1915. Plate XXIII.

Costumes d’Enfants. Modèles ” du Style Parisien “.

  • Fig. 255. Dress for a little girl in blue serge and plaid serge.
  • Fig. 256. Mantle in duveteen trimmed with fur.
  • Fig. 257. Costume in serge; small fur collar.
  • Fig. 258. Little Boy`s costume in woolen stuff, trimmed with buttons to match and with fur.
  • Fig. 259. Child`s costume in velvet.
  • Fig. 260. Costume for little girl in colored velvet trimmed with black velvet.
  • Fig. 261. Little velvet mantle trimmed with fur.
  • Fig. 262. Mantle in gabardine trimmed with fur.
  • Fig. 263. Costume in serge; collar and cuffs in kolinski.

Gallery: Le style parisien. Planche XXIII. Supplément du ” Style Parisian ” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.