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A German Falconer in 13th century costume

German Falconer, 13th century costume, middle ages, medieval fashion, gothic, dress, clothing

A German Falconer


Middle ages, 13th century

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A German noble costume in the 15th century.

German noble costume,renaissance,15th century, dress,clothing,sword, sword-belt

A German noble.


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Atta Troll. Heinrich Heine.

Heinrich Heine. Atta Troll. German Romantic.

“Atta Troll. A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Heinrich Heine

Atta Troll.

“Atta Troll. A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a narrative poem by Heinrich Heine, which was written in 1841 and 1843 appeared in the newspaper for the elegant world – incomplete and never completes. Atta Troll is one of the most virtuosic works Heines.

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Students from Heidelberg, 1840.

Students costumes. Heidelberg. German national costumes. Romantic fashion. Eugène Guinot.

Students from Heidelberg

Students from Heidelberg, ca. 1840.

Romantic era.
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Postilion and Innkeeper, Baden.

Postilion costume. Innkeeper costume. Baden folk dress. German national costumes. Eugène Guinot

Postilion and Innkeeper from Baden

Postilion and Innkeeper from Baden, Germany. Around Kehl, ca. 1840.

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Don Manuel discovers Beatrice.

Don Manuel. Beatrice. The Bride of Messina. Friedrich Schiller. German Romantic.

Don Manuel discovers Beatrice. By C. Jaeger

Don Manuel discovers Beatrice.

The Bride of Messina by Friedrich Schiller.
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Éléonore de Portugal. Impératrice 15ème siècle.

Eléonore de Portugal, Impératrice. 15 vêtements de siècle. costumes de la noblesse médiévale. la mode gothique

Éléonore de Portugal. Impératrice 15ème siècle.

Éléonore de Portugal (~ 1436-1467).

Impératrice du Saint-Empire romain germanique.

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Frédéric III. Empereur.

Frédéric III. Empereur d'Allemagne. 15ème siècle. histoire de la mode Renaissance. Moyen Age costumes.

Frédéric III. 1415 -1493. Empereur du Saint Empire romain germanique.

Frédéric III. 1415 -1493

Empereur du Saint Empire romain germanique. Costume Histoire. Fin du Moyen Age, au début de la Renaissance.

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Costume Militaire. Guillaume de Bibra. 15ème siècle.

Guillaume de Bibra. Wilhelm von Bibra. Chevaliers en armure. 15ème siècle. la mode Renaissance.

Guillaume de Bibra 1484.

Guillaume de Bibra 1484.

Costumes de militaires du 15ème siècle. La mode de la Renaissance.

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