Spanish bullfighting arena with Matador at Madrid.

Spanish bullfighting. Matador costume. Spanish national costume

Spanish bullfighting at Madrid

Spanish bullfighting.

Arena with bullfighter and bull attacking at Madrid.

The old plaza at Madrid in 1930, where 13,000 Persons pay a gross gate of 130.000 Peseta ($20.000) of this, from 7.000 to 25.000 go to the Matador.


Woman from Alsace, France.
Woman from Alsace, France. Costumes Nationaux by Lepage Medvey, Editions Hyperion, 1939. Gal... Read more
20th Century • France • Traditional
French national costumes
Men in the costume from the environs of Moscow
Men in the costume from the environs of Moscow. Source: Manners, customs and costumes of all ... Read more
1840 • 19th Century • Russia • Traditional
Auguste Wahlen • Russian national costumes
Farmer in folk dress of the Etter Mountain Thuringia.
Farmer from the area of the Etter Mountain Thuringia 1875 Gallery: "Sheets for costume design: hi... Read more
19th Century • Germany • Traditional
German national costumes • Lipperheide
Romanian peasant woman from Bihor, Transylvania.
Peasant woman from Bihor, Transylvania. (Tărancă din Bihor, Transilvania.) Gallery: Romanian Fo... Read more
Romania • Traditional
Embroidery designs • Traditional Romania costumes
Panama indian native costume
Panama indian native costume. Indian women from Panama balance water jars on their heads with the... Read more
20th Century • Latin America • Panama • Traditional
Jo Bartas • Latin American folk dress • Traditional Panama Folk Costume
A Woman making stockings. China 1799.
A Woman making stockings. China 1799.  (Une Feseuse de Bas) THE men's stockings are made of... Read more
1799 • 18th Century • Asia • China • Traditional
Traditional Chinese costumes
La Mantilla. Traje por la mañana. Mexican Costumes.
La Mantilla. Traje por la mañana. The Mantilla. Mexican Morning Suit. Gallery: Voyage pittoresq... Read more
1836 • 19th Century • Mexico • Traditional
Carl Nebel • Latin American folk dress
Holland Volledan Zuiderzée costume.
Holland Volledan Zuiderzée costume 1860. Costume Belgique, Hollande Nº10 Femme de Volledan (Zui... Read more
1860 • 19th Century • Netherlands • Traditional
Traditional netherlands costumes

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