Historical costumes. Africa, America, Oceania.

Historical costumes from Africa, America and Oceania.

Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world

Historical costumes from Africa, America and Oceania.

From the book: Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world, based on authentic documents and the most recent trips by Auguste Wahlen, Knight of several Orders.
Engrapher: François Pannemaker (1822-1900), Theophile Emanuel Duverger (1821-1894). Published: Brussels, 1843.

Original book title: Mœurs, usages et costumes de tous les peuples du monde, d’après des documents and authentiques et les voyages des plus récents; Publié par Auguste Wahlen. Chevalier de Plusieurs Orders. Europe. Bruxelles, a la Librairie Historique-Artistique, Rue de Schaerbeek, 12. 1844.

Chapter three: Historical costumes from Africa, America and Oceania.

Chapter one: Historical European costumes.
Chapter two: Historical Asian costumes.

Historical African Costumes

Arabia Egypt military. Egyptians Cavaliers. Historical clothing.

Egyptians Cavaliers. Cavaliers Égyptiens.

  1. Egyptians Cavaliers. – Cavaliers Égyptiens.
  2. Rich woman and woman of the people in Cairo. Egypt. – Femme riche et femme du peuple au Caire. Egypte.
  3. Arab Bedouin (Africa). – Arabe Bédouin (Afrique).
  4. Warrior of the Tuareg. – Guerrier de Tuarick.
  5. Girl Socknanaise. – Jeune fille Socknanaise.
  6. Moor from Algeria. – Morish d’Alger.
  7. Moorish merchant. – Marchand maure.
  8. Regular infantryman Abdel-Kader (Algeria). – Fantassin régulier d’Abdel-Kader (Algérie).
  9. Jewish maid of Algiers. – Demoiselle juive d’Alger.
  10. Arabic of the plain (Algeria). – Arabe de la plaine (Algérie).
  11. Zouave, light-infantry corps (Algeria). – Zouave (Algérie).
  12. Maidservant slave in Algiers. – Esclave servante à Alger.
  13. Girl Timbuktu (Africa). – Jeune fille de Timbouctou (Afrique).
  14. King of Bussa. – Roi de Boussa.
  15. Bournouaise. (Bornu empire is one of many realms that make up Nigritia, also called Sudan Takrour. Its Birnie or Akumbo capital. The Bournouais to give the name of Kanory.)
  16. Young girl from Kano. – Jeune fille de Kano.
  17. South Africa. A male from Namibia.- Hottentot.
  18. South Africa. A female from Namibia. – Hottentote.
  19. South Africa, Namibia. Bantu, Xhosa warrior.- Guerrier cafre.

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