Peoples of the world. European costumes.

Peoples of the world clothing. European costumes.Traditional clothing.

Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world

European costumes by Auguste Wahlen.

Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world.


Based on authentic documents and and newer travel. Author: Auguste Wahlen Engrapher: François Pannemaker Published: Brussels, 1843.

Original French Title: Mœurs, usages et costumes de tous les peuples du monde, d’après des documents and authentiques et les voyages des plus récents; Publié par Auguste Wahlen.
Chevalier de Plusieurs Orders. Europe. Bruxelles, a la Librairie Historique-Artistique, Rue de Schaerbeek, 12. 1844.

Laplanders Inhabitants costumes. Traditional Lapland national costume. Sami Folk clothing. Ethnic garment Lapps..

Manners, customs and costumes of Europe.

First Chapter: Europe.


  1. Suisse costumes nationaux
  2. Traditional French national costumes.
  3. Tyrolean national costumes 1835.
  4. Souvenir de L’Exposition Universelle de Vienne.
  5. Costumes of Japan and Java.
  6. The Peninsula war. Character, Costume in Portugal and Spain.
  7. Our islands and their people. Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba.
  8. Costumes of all countries by Alexandre Lacauchie 1850s.
  9. Historical and folk costumes by Franz Lipperheide.
  10. The costume of Turkey. Ottoman Empire 18th century.
  11. Traditional Dutch national costumes.
  12. The Switzerland national costumes of 17th ‚18th, 19th century originals.
  13. Folk dresses from Norway, Dutch, Germany and Hungaria.
  14. Mexico by Carl Nebel 1836.
  15. Typical pictures of Indian Natives.
  16. The People of India
  17. Views of Darjeeling: With typical native portraits and groups.
  18. History of the Indian Tribes of North America of the Indian Tribes of North America
  19. Chinese sceneries in 19th century. by Thomas Allom.
  20. Provincial Russia. Costume and Culture.
  21. Costume of the Russian empire by Edward Harding.
  22. Serbian national costumes by Vladimir Kirin.
  23. Historical European costumes by Auguste Wahlen.
  24. The Highlanders of Scotland, 1870.
  25. Costumes and scenery of Afghanistan.
  26. Views of Darjeeling: With typical native portraits and groups.
  27. The dark continent. Africa, the landscape and the people 1931.
  28. Historical costumes from Africa, America and Oceania.
  29. Traditional folk costumes of Italy and France in 1821.
  30. The Serbs in the Adriatic. Their types and costumes 1870-1878.

List of costume plates:

Peoples of the world. European costumes.

  1. Iman. Turquie. – Imam of Turkey, Ottoman Empire.
  2. Femme Turque. – Woman with child from Turkey, Ottoman Empire.
  3. Dame Turque. – Nobel woman from Turkey, Ottoman Empire.
  4. Dorobautz. Valachie. – Men from Dorobautz Romania Wallachia.
  5. Homme de la Monzagne. Valachie. – Men from the Mountains Romania Wallachia.
  6. Grec. – Men from Greece in Fustanella.
  7. Jeune Fille Valaque. – Young Wallachian Girl.
  8. Habitant des Environs de Moscou. – Men from the environs of Moscow.
  9. Paysan du Gouvernement Twer. Russie. – Peasants from Tver Russia Government.
  10. Habitants de la Petite Russie. – Inhabitants of Little Russia, Ukrainian.
  11. Prêtre et Moine Russes. – Russian priest and monk.
  12. Lapons. – Inhabitants of the Lapps.
  13. Femme de l’Ukraine. Russie d’Europe. – Woman of Ukraine. European Russia.
  14. Alderman – Alderman from England.
  15. Smogleur. Grande-Bretagne. – Smuggler of Grand Bretagne France.
  16. Chef de Clan. Écosse. – Chief of the Scottish Highlands.
  17. Femme de Torna-Harad Sweden. Scanie-Paysan de Jerfso. – Woman from Torna Hällestad, Sweden. Man from Helsinki, Finland.
  18. Homme de Harntad-Harad. Femme de Wemmentrogs-Harndad. Scanie. – Man from Harntad Sweden. Woman from Wemmentrogs Sweden.
  19. Homme et Femme du Schliersee. Bavière. – Man and Woman from Schliersee, Bavaria 1840.
  20. Homme et Femme des Environs d’Ulm. Wurtemberg. – Men and women from around Ulm, Baden Wurttemberg Germany
  21. Homme et Femme de la Foret-Noire. Grand-duché de Baden. – Man and Woman of the Black Forest. Grand Duchy of Baden.
  22. Paysan de Wenden et Femme d’Altenbourg. Saxe. – Peasant Woman from Wenden and Altenburg. Saxony.
  23. Femme de Environs de Praque. Bohème. – Woman surroundings Prague. Bohemia. Czechia.
  24. Chasseur et Femme de la Vallée de Ziller. Tyrol. – Hunter and Woman of the Ziller Valley. Tyrol.
  25. Homme et Femme de la Vallée de Dux. Tyrol. – Man and Woman of the Valley Dux. Tyrol.
  26. Demoiselle de la Frise. Pays-Bas. – Maid of Friesland. Netherlands.
  27. Enfants Orphelins. Amsterdam. – Orphaned children. Amsterdam.
  28. Demoiselle en Faille, A Bruxelles. Ce costume commence à se perdre. – Young lady in ribbed silk fabric, Brussels. Belgium.
  29. Sergent Suisse de la Garde du Pape. – Sergeant Swiss Guard of the Pope.
  30. Jeune Femme de Nettuno. États romains. – Young woman of Nettuno. Roman States.
  31. Femmes de Frosolone. Abruzzes. – Women of Frosolone. Abruzzo.
  32. Paysan Calabrais. – Calabrian peasant.
  33. Jeune Fille de Salerne. – Young Girl from Salerno.
  34. Porteuse d’Eau a Venise. – Water Carrier in Venice.
  35. Costume Traditionnel Corse. – Man from Corsica.
  36. Marchand de Volaille de Pardilho. Portugal. – Poultry merchant from Pardilhó. Portugal.
  37. Marchande de Poisson de Pardilho. Portugal. – Merchant of Fish fom Pardilhó, Portugal.
  38. Jeune Fille a Porto. Portugal. – Young Girl from Porto. Portugal.
  39. Manola. Demoiselle Espagnole. – Manola. Spanish lady.
  40. Femmes de Miranda. – Women of Miranda de Ebro. Spain.
  41. Picadore Demonte. Espagne. – Picadore Demonte from Castile – La Mancha Espagne.
  42. Majo de Jérez. Mexique. – Majority of Jerez. Mexico.
  43. Femme des Environs de Valladolid. Vieille-Castille. – Woman from surroundings of Valladolid. Old Castile.
  44. Habitant de la Murcie. Espagne. – Inhabitant of Murcia. Spain.
  45. Habitants des Landes. Région Aquitaine France. – Inhabitants of the Landes. France Aquitaine region.
  46. Alsacienne. – Traditional Costume Alsace.
  47. Bretonne et Breton. – Breton woman and Breton man.
  48. Maconaise et Bressane – Traditional Costumes from Macon and Bresse
  49. Costume Traditionnel Bulgare – Bulgarian Traditional Costume