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Medieval gothic era. The clothes in the Middle Ages reflected the place of the person dressed in the medieval estate system of Christian Europe again. The color choice was a distinguishing factor between the estates. In the Gothic clothing became increasingly elaborate. The fashions of the early, high and late Gothic differ very much from each other. At the beginning of the early Gothic in the 13th century, the male fashion of female approaches sharply. Both sexes have long outerwear in the form of a so-called Cotte. It predominates initially seem a little form-fitting fashion, showing essentially towering, slim body – a common ground with the gothic architecture.

Charles D’Anjou, King of Sicily, 13ème siècle.

Charles D'Anjou. Roi de Sicile. dynastie royale française capétienne. histoire de la mode médiévale. costumes byzantins. 13 vêtements de siècle.

Charles D’Anjou. Dynastie royale française capétienne.13ème siècle.

Charles D’Anjou. Dynastie royale française capétienne.13ème siècle.

Charles I of Anjou (Italian Carlo d’Angiò; 1227-1285) was since 1266 King of Sicily. From 1282 his territory was limited to the continental part of the Kingdom, but the title remained unchanged. He is the progenitor of the older house of Anjou, a side branch of the French royal dynasty Capetian.

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Eleanor of Castile first wife of King Edward I.

Eleanor of Castile. Queen consort. Medieval England costumes. Nobility. 13th century clothing.

Eleanor of Castile (1241-1290). First queen consort of Edward I of England.

Eleanor of Castile, first Queen of Edward the First.

Eleanor of Castile (also Leonor, 1241 – † 28 November 1290 in Harby, Nottinghamshire) was the first wife of King Edward I. Royal Consort of England.

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