Category: 1460

Costumes in 1460. Fashion of the 15th Century. Renaissance, late Gothic, Burgundy fashion.

The Reticulated headdress of the 15th century. The Crespinette, Cauls.

Isabelle, Portugal, Philippe le Bon, Burgundy, court dresses, Hennin, Headdresses, middle ages, fashion

During the reign of Henry VI. a reticulated headdress of a different shape was worn. It was in favour in France from about 1410 onwards. Headdresses of the 15th century.

Colifichets. Les modes du Moyen Age. Costume féminin français.

Colifichets, Escarcelle, Bagues, Épouse, Collier, Armoiries, Modes, Moyen age,

Colifichets. Escarcelle gibecière, Bagues d’Isabelle de Montaigne, Épouse, Collier à festons d’or, Armoiries des Peigniers-Tablettiers. L’histoire du costume féminin français. Les modes du Moyen Age, de l’an 1037 à l’an 1461.