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Masterpieces of industrial art & sculpture at the International exhibition, 1862. Selected and described by J.B. Waring. Published by Day & Son in London in 1863. Dedicated to her Majesty, the Queen. Chromo-lithographed by and under the direction of W. R. Tymms, A. Warren, and G. Macculloch, from photographs supplied by the London photographic and stereoscopic company, taken exclusively for this work by Stephen Thompson

Embroidery from the Caucasus, Greece, Indian Melicete tribe. 19th century.

Embroidery, Caucasus, Greece, American Natives. Indian Melicete tribe

Embroidery from the Caucasus, Greece, American Natives.

Embroidery from the Caucasus, Greece.

  1. Circassian embroidered Saddle-Cloth. 2. Embroidered dress, Greece. Hand-work of the North-American Indian Melicete tribe. Continue reading