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“Pictures and Royal Portraits illustrative of English and Scottish History. From the introduction of Christianity to the Present time.” Author: Thomas Archer. Published in London, 1878 by Blackie & Son.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Tudor Costume.

Mary, Queen of Scots at Lochleven Castle

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

Mary Stuart 1542-1587 born as Mary Stewart, was on 14 December 1542 to the July 24, 1567 as Mary I Queen of Scotland and through her marriage to Francis II. from 1559 to 1560 Queen of France. Continue reading

King Richard III and the young princess.

England King King Richard III. Plantagenets. 15th century clothing

The sons of Edward IV parted from their mother, by Richard Duke of Gloucester, June 16th 1483. Engraved by W. Ridgway from the painting by N. Gosse of Paris.

King Richard III (1452-1485)  and the young princess.

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John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation.

John Wycliffe. English Scholastic philosopher. 14th century

John Wycliffe on his sick bed assailed by the friars at Oxford in 1375. From the picture by George Thomas.

John Wycliffe (1330-1384) and the Dawn of the Reformation.

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Roger Mortimer, 1. Earl of March.

Roger de Mortimer. England History. Middle ages costumes

The seizure of Roger de Mortimer in Nottingham Castle October 19th 1330.

Roger Mortimer, 1. Earl of March, 1287-1330.

The name of this man is inscribed on one of the darkest pages of English history, and though it is associated with the great house of Lancaster, which afterwards long maintained its power over the English throne, it can only be regarded as equalling in infamy that of the wicked and ignoble king whose neglected queen chose the great noble for her paramour. Continue reading

Harold II. Last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

King Harold II. Anglo Saxon. Battle of Hastings. Middle ages costumes. Coronation costume

Coronation of Harold King of the Anglo Saxons, AD 1066

King Harold II (1020 -1066). Last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

Killed at the Battle of Hastings. Continue reading

Alfred the Great. The first English king.

Alfred the Great. The first English king.

King Alfred inciting the Anglo Saxons to repel the invasion of the Danes A.D. 876

Alfred the Great (848/849-899). The first English king.

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Thomas Becket. Archbishop of Canterbury.

Saint Thomas Becket. England 12th century bishop

St. Thomas à Becket

Thomas Becket. Archbishop of Canterbury (1118-1170).

It is not a little remarkable that the only Romish shrine which has been publicly brought to notice in England during the last few years is that of à Becket, the representative of the unyielding supremacy of that church, which still demands not only spiritual but temporal power. Continue reading

Richard I the Lionheart. Cœur de Lion.

Richard Cœur de Lion, England King Richard I, Lionheart, King,EnglandMediaval knight,

The death of Richard Coeur de Lion. Richard Cœur de Lion forgiving Bertrand de Gurdun. Who had attemted his life 1199.

Richard I the Lionheart 1157-1199.

Richard Ier Cœur de Lion, actually Richard Plantagenet; was from 1189 to his death King of England. From 1172 to the year of his coronation was Richard Duke of Aquitaine. Then he held the title of Count of Maine, Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou.
Richard was the third son of King Henry II. Of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Bertran de Gurdun also known as Pierre Basile and John Sabroz. According to the legend Richard let Pierre Basile, the enemy’s skirmishers of the deadly bolt, looking after winning the battle and bring to him and knighted him with the words: Continue reading

King Henry VII. The Tudor. Pictures and Royal Portraits.

England King Henry VII. Tudor Coronation costume

Henry VII.. From the picture in the new Palace of Westminster.

King Henry the VII. The Tudor.

Henry the Seventh was less than thirty years old when the victory at Bosworth placed him on the English throne. Continue reading

Celtic relics, ornaments of gold and bronze.

Celtic relics. British history. Celt culture. Celtic Bronze Bracelets. Celtic Fibula. Celtic Gold Ear-ring. Celtic Gold Torque

Celtic relics.

Celtic relics

Personal ornaments, etc, of gold and bronze.

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