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Elizabeth the first. The days of Queen Bess.

Elisabeth, Queen, England, Tudor,fashion history

Elisabeth I. From the picture in the new Palace of Westminster

Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth I 1533-1603, actually Elizabeth Tudor, also known as The Virgin Queen was from 1558 to the day she died queen of England. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII., The fifth and last member of the Tudor dynasty to the English throne. Her mother was Anne Boleyn. Continue reading

Swiss costumes 17th Century.

Citizens clothing. Wedding organizer, Swiss peasant costumes, Woman in church clothes, Woman in mourning clothes. Great Waibel. Mayor, Runner.

Swiss costumes 17th century

Swiss costumes 17th Century.

Second third of the 17th Century.
Top row left: Citizens son. Wedding organizer. Citizen girl. Right: Swiss peasant costumes. Baroque period costumes. Bottom row left: Woman in church clothes. Waibel (Ushers). Runner. Right: Woman in mourning clothes. Great Waibel. Mayor.

On the history of costumes. Münchener Bilderbogen. Edited by Braun and Schneider 1860.

Official costume of a Swiss judge or lawyers.

Official costume of a Swiss judge. Switzerland Baroque fashion costume recherche. 17th century clothing

Swiss lawyer 1680

Official costume of a Swiss judge or lawyers in the Baroque period 17th century.

The man is dressed in a justaucorps (Souquenille), a waistcoat, Rhinegraves pants (vaste rhingrave), buckled shoes, the Spanish collar, on the side a rapier, the sleeves of the shirt are fringed with lace, an allonge wig and tricorn hat.

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