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Charles the Fat encamped under the walls of Paris

Carolingian king Charles III. 9th century clothing. Viking Battle.

Charles the Fat encamped under the walls of Paris, 9th century.

Charles the Fat encamped under the walls of Paris, 9th century.

Charles the Fat, Charles III, Carolingian Emperor encamped under the walls of Paris without daring to fight the Normans preferred to buy their retirement with money.

Charles le gros campa sous les murs de Paris sans oser combattre les Normands préférant acheter leur retraite à prix d’argent.

Charles III. (839-888) from the noble family of the Carolingian was 876-887 East Frankish king, 879-887 King of Italy, from 882 rulers in Bavaria, Franconia and Saxony, 885-888 West Frankish king and 881-888 Roman Emperor. The non-contemporary nickname of thickness he wore according to present knowledge wrongly. In the German rulers lists he is known as the third, but not in French lists. Charles applicable in the science of history as a “weak” sovereign, but this may also be related to his illness; probably he suffered from epilepsy.

From the book: Paris à travers les siècles. Histoire nationale de Paris et des Parisiens depuis la fondation de Lutèce jusqu’à nos jours, by Nicolas Jules Henri Gourdon de Genouillac. Published 1879.

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Varangian Guard. Viking Chiefs 5th Century.

Viking, Costume, Varangian, Guard, Byzantine

Varangian Guard. Byzantine Empire.

The Varangian Guard

At the end of the tenth century the Varangian Guard, an Imperial bodyguard, were a conspicuous, picturesque, and useful adjunct to the Byzantine Court. They were recruited from the most perfect specimens of manhood found in Scandinavia.

Nicholas Roerich, Vangarians, Viking, Art, Russia

Nicholas Roerich. Guests from Overseas, 1901 (Vangarians in Rus’)

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