Gauntlets and gloves. Tudor 16th century.

Gauntlets, gloves. Renaissance clothing. Tudor fashion. Embroidery 16th century.

England 16th century white satin gauntlets, gloves.

Gauntlets and gloves. England 16th century.

Tudor fashion era.

Left: England second half of 16th century. Pair of mittens of crimson velvet with white satin gauntlets, embroidered with colored floss silks, gold and silver thread and gold cord. The gold and silver threats are couched, and shading and satin stitches are used. The edges are trimmed with gold braise. The transverse slits are to allow the fingers to be withdrawn.
Said to have given by Queen Elisabeth to Margaret Edgcumbe, wife of Sir Edward Denny, Kt. Banneret. (In the Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

Right: Early 18th century. Pair of gloves of buff leather, embroidered with gold and silver threads and spangles, and trimmed with very heavy gold fringe and bullion. The gold is couched with yellow silk. Gloves oaf this type were worn at the time of the Battle of Blentheim. The Battle of Blenheim on 13 August 1704 was the first major conflict in the War of Spanish Succession. The English form Battle of Blenheim likely to be because the British troops used French spotters. Their pronunciation of the name of the hamlet of Blindheim (near Höchstädt on the Danube) led to the English form Blenheim.

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