Byzantine silk fabric made in tapestry art. 11th century.

Ancient Byzantine silk fabric. 11th century. Medieval textile design. Grave cloth. Bishop Gunther

Byzantine silk fabric

Byzantine silk fabric made in tapestry art. 11th century.

Silk fabric, non-woven. Made in tapestry art. Basic and trim of the large grave cloth of the Bishop Gunther (who died in 1066 on his way back from Palestine) at the Bamberg Cathedral. Pictured at Martin & Cahier, Mélanges d’archéologie B. II. PL. XXXII, XXXIII, page 251. The concerned grave cloth is a Byzantine work of the XI. Century with a large figural representation in the middle. The basic pattern and the braid in their strict repetition, connect evidently weave patterns at the same time, however, are not obtained in the same beauty and solid dating.

The basic is purple-violet, covered with green signs, in which are colored lotus buds. In the braid trimming stands  a large rosette with ribbon entanglements.

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