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Middle ages costumes in 1350, 14th Century.

Jupes. Les modes du Moyen Age. Costume féminin français.

Jupes, costumes, Modes, Moyen Age

Jupe drapée, Corsage armorié, Cotte hardie et surcot d’hermine, Manche à pèlerine, Jupe à poche, Bliaut lace de Marie d’Anjou, Corsage à quadruple. L’histoire du costume féminin français. Les modes du Moyen Age, de l’an 1037 à l’an 1461.

Reign of Philip III and Louis VIII. The influence of the Crusaders.

Jerusalem, Crusade, Crusader, middle ages

Severity of feminine costume – Long gowns and gimps – Marguerite of Provence – “Fermaux” – Reappearance of splendor in dress – Eastern customs – The priests of fashion – Haberdashery and peacock-feathers – Female embroiderers – Taste for embroidery – Continual temptations – Earliest sumptuary laws – Furs – St. Louis’s opinion on dress – Prohibitions by Philippe le Bel; speech made by his wife – Crépine.