German Medieval dresses in the 14th Century.

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German costumes 14th century.

German Medieval dresses 14th Century.

Top row left: Knight clothing in the second Half of 1300. Günther of Schwarzburg, Holy Roman Emperor in 1349, in armor and with sword. Count of Orlamünde in chain mail and armed to 1350. Count of Katzenellenbogen in Armor in 1315. Heinrich to Seinsheim in Armor, in 1360.
Bottom row left: Knight Rudolf of Sachsenhausen in Armor, 1370. War costume in 1360. Knight Konrad von Bikenbach in Armor, 1393. Noblewoman Gudela of Holzhausen in the fashion of the year 1378. Knight Weikhard Frosch in full armor, 1387.

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