Isabeau de Bavière and her daughter Isabelle de Valois.

Isabeau, Baviere, Middle ages, queen,
Isabeau de Bavière (1370-1435)

Isabeau de Bavière

Isabeau de Bavière  (1370-1435) was the wife of Charles VI. (1368-1422) the Beloved or the madman was 1380-1422 king of France. With him she had twelve children, eight of whom survived to adulthood. One of them, the daughter Isabelle de Valois (1389-1409) was the third child and second daughter of King Charles VI, princess of France and, still a child, from 1396 to 1399 the second wife of Richard II, Queen of England.

After the death of her husband (1400), she returned to France and married in 1406 her eleven-year-old cousin, the future Duke Charles d’Orléans (1394 – 1465). She died in childbirth at the birth of her only daughter Johanna.

Isabella, Valois, Middle ages, queen
Isabelle de Valois 1370-1435.


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