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Odette de Champdivers called La Petite Reine and Charles VI.

Odette de Champdivers, Charles VI, medieval, woman, dress, costume, history
In the days of the Capetian Kings. Odette de Champdivers and Charles VI.

Odette de Champdivers and Charles VI.

After the painting by Albrecht de Vriendt.

Odette de Champdivers (* about 1385 in Burgundy; † 1424 in Paris), called La Petite Reine, was mistress of the French king Charles VI and previously of his brother, Louis de Valois, duc d’Orléans.

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Two ladies of Siena. Italy 13th century fashion.

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Ladies playing on the harp and organ.


Gautier de Metz, initial letter, Manuscript, Middle ages

C- Initial letter. MS. Sloane, No. 2435

OSTUME, in the west of Europe, during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, was not strikingly characteristic of difference of countries; its changes were frequent, and often remarkable, but the intercourse between England and France, and in some measure with the neighbouring states, was so constant, that these changes were nearly simultaneous in them all. When, however, we pass to the south, and enter the warm clime and free states of Italy, we find the dresses of all classes have an entirely different character.

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Défi du Tournoi. Costumes du 15ème siècle.

Défi du Tournoi. Scène Chevaleresque. Tournoi. Vêtements du 15ème siècle. Knights. Roi René d'Anjou. la mode du Moyen Âge.

Défi du Tournoi.

Défi du Tournoi.

Costumes du 15ème siècle. Le bon Roi René, René Ier d’Anjou ou Renatus d’Anjou de 1409 à 1480.

Challenge of the Tournament. Chivalrous scene at the court of King René. Costumes of the 15th century. (René Ier d’Anjou or Renatus d’Anjou 1409 to 1480).

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