Chapeaux Modèles de Georgette. Le style parisien 1915.

Hats fashion Georgette. Le style parisien. Art deco fashion magazine. French parisiennes collection haute couture

Chapeaux Modèles de Georgette.

Chapeaux Modèles de Georgette. Le style parisien 1915. Plate XVIII.

  • Fig. 232. (Georgette). Toque in light snuff colored taffeta, the crown consists of taffeta cut on the cross, gathered and drawn, kept in by a tornado of similar taffeta.
  • Fig. 233. (Georgette). Marquis hat in black pane, each of the turned up sides is crossed by a flat bow of black corded silk ribbon.
  • Fig. 234. (Georgette). Hat in black panne.
  • Fig. 235. (Georgette). Hat in blue velvet trimmed with fur.
  • Fig. 236. (Georgette). Hat in breitschwantz with the addition of a little ostrich head. A twist consisting of tiny black ribbon moiré trims the outer edge and looks like a band of breitschwantz.

Gallery: Le style parisien. Planche XVIII. Supplément du ” Style Parisian ” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.

Note:  FIVE O'CLOCK TEA - Costume by I.L. Rex. Art deco fashion 1922.

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