Robes de Diner. Premet, Paquin, Dœuillet, 1915.

Premet, Paquin, Dœuillet, style, Art deco, haute couture

Robes de Diner.

Robes de Diner. Le style parisien 1915. Plate XIX.

Premet, Paquin, Dœuillet.

  • (Premet). Dress of black tulle embroidered with a design in blue, and gold; foundation of black satin, bands of skunk.
  • (Paquin). Black velvet dress, the back of the bodice is entirely made of silver lace which is brought over the shoulders and forms a yoke in front. The skirt is trapped and caught up behind with a touch of silver lace. Trimming in skunk.
  • (Dœuillet). Dress of black velvet and Chantilly over a foundation in Liberty silk.

Source: Le style parisien. Planche XIX. Supplément du ” Style Parisian ” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.

Note:  Ermine. Art deco Evening Cape by Johanna Marbach.
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