Petites Robes Genre Tailleur. Le style parisien 1915.

Petty Dresses Tailor Style. Le style parisien. Art deco fashion magazine. French parisiennes collection haute couture

Petites Robes Genre Tailleur – Petty Dresses Tailor Style.

Petites Robes Genre Tailleur. Le style parisien 1915. Plate XIV.

  • Frock in pékiné green and black wool trimmed with black velvet.
  • Frock in light snuff colored duveteen trimmed with black braidings. Black velvet collar and facings. Back plain.
  • Dress in green woolen velvet. Yoke fitting to the shoulders and descending to a skirt. Collar and cuffs lined with green velvet.
  • Dress in soft smoke grey cloth. Pretty tunic effect at the skirt.
  • Dress of blue serge trimmed wit stitchings and galon in matching shades. Yoke of the dress forming round scallops.
  • Dress in colored duveteen. Narrow dark brown velvet and big buttons in galalite to match.

Gallery: Le style parisien. Planche XIV. Supplément du ” Style Parisian ” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.