Church Vestments and Textiles by Margery Roberts

Sewing Church Linens by Elizabeth Morgan.

Vestments for All Seasons by Barbara Dee Baumgarten.

The Costume Making Guide: Creating Armor and Props for Cosplay by Svetlana Quindt.

Followed by millions of people from all over the world, master armor maker Svetlana Quindt aka "Kamui Cosplay" will help you bring your cosplay dreams to life with your own two hands! Kamui Cosplay deconstructs the work that goes into making a complete costume, from the first thought to the final photo. Tutorials cover design planning, fabricating body armor, 3D painting techniques and more.

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Dalmatica of German Emperor Henry II. Coronation mantle.

Dalmatica, German, Emperor, Henry II, Coronation, mantle,
Dalmatica of Emperor Henry II.

Dalmatica of German Emperor Henry II.

Coronation mantle.

Dalmatica. Coronation mantle of Henry II. 973 or 978-1024, from the noble family of the Ottonians, was when Henry IV. 995-1004 and again from 1009 to 1017 Duke of Bavaria, from 1002 to 1024 King of the East Frankish kingdom (regnum Francorum orientalium), 1004-1024 King of Italy, and from 1014 to 1024 Roman-German Emperor. 

First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner's Guide by Editors Of Creative Publishing

Filled with detailed descriptions of materials and tools, the easy step-by-step instructions for all the basic sewing techniques will have you creating projects like aprons, pillows, and even pants and shorts in no time.

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Henry II was married to Cunegonde of Luxembourg. They had no children, Henry II. was thus the last emperor of the dynasty of the Ottos. Pope Eugene III. spoke him in 1146 sacred, some later historians therefore bequeath him the nickname “the Holy”. His feast day is the day of death, 13th of July.

10th century clothing. Medieval Nobility Costumes. German Emperor Henry II
German Emperor Henry II between two bishops in Seeoner Pontifical. Bamberg, State Library,

Source: Cathedral Treasure of Bamberg.