Chiffonet of white crape. Evening Dresses. The Gallery of Fashion 1796.

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Evening dresses, April 1796.

The Gallery of Fashion April 1796. England Evening Dresses.


Turban of white satin; bandeau embroidered in silver; diamond pin, and black velvet loop, trimmed with diamonds in the front; the hair intermixed with the turban; the hind hair turned up plain and short; three white ostrich feathers placed in the front.

White satin petticoat, the bottom embroidered in gold; short petticoat of white crape, the bottom of it also embroidered in gold. Body of purple velvet, buttoned in the front with one large and two small diamonds; diamond clasp upon the shoulder.

White crape full sleeves with puckered cuffs, bound with gold; upper bracelets and girdle of black velvet, set with diamonds. Diamond necklace and ear-rings. White and gold shoes.


Chiffonet of white crape with gold spangles; the hair combed straight round the face; the hind hair turned up plain and short, the ends in ringlets, intermixed with the chiffonet; broad gold slider. Gold bandeau. Long string of pearls with a large tassel, crossed upon the chiffonet. Two white ostrich feathers.

Petticoat of white lawn richly embroidered at the bottom. Body of rose-coloured satin, tied upon the shoulder with a white satin riband with silver spangles. White satin long sleeves, trimmed with blonde, and a small gold chain and button; short full upper sleeves of lawn spangled in silver, crossed and fastened also with a large gold chain and button. Large gold chain round the waist. Gold ear-rings and gold festoon necklace. White shoes crossed with gold.

Source: The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3. April 1796 To March 1797.  Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.