Elizabethan England 16th century. Reception hall of a noble house.

Boughton-Malherbe, Kent, Tudor, Renaissance, Reception hall, Elizabethan,
Reception hall of Boughton-Malherbe, County of Kent at the time of Elisabeth 1573.


Hall of Boughton-Malherbe, County of Kent.

The castle from which this interior originates is located in the parish of Boughton-Malherbe, County of Kent. It was built by Edward Votton, Treasurer of Calais and Privy Councillor under Henry VIII.

The hall no longer exists in its original form. The old panelling has been removed, the hall has been divided into three rooms and a flat ceiling has been put over the old vault. As it is shown here, it gives the type of the drawing room at the time of Elisabeth 1573.

The thick walls form deep window niches in which stone benches are placed. The ornamentation of the vaulting does not harmonize with that of the walls. The former is a kind of network, while the wall is decorated in the Italian taste of the XVI century. The whole is in the so-called Elisabeth style, a mixture of the Italian Renaissance with Old English elements.

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Boughton, Malherbe, Kent, Hall,
Boughton Malherbe, Kent: the Drawing Room. Joseph Nash. The Mansions of England in the olden time.