Macedonia. Traditional costumes from Kočani.

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Macedonia. Kocani.

Macedonian national costumes from Kocani. By Vladimir Kirin.

Македонски народни носии од Кочани.

By Vladimir Kirin.

Kočani (Cyrillic Кочани) is a town and the capital of the Opština of the same name in northern Macedonia, about 120 km east of Skopje.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments, from ancient times to the Middle Ages, are spread out in the wider area of Kočani. One of them concerns the archaeological site of Dolno Gradiste and the other the medieval towers of Cochanne in the city centre.

The monastic complexes of the neighbouring villages of Morodvis and Panteleu are known both for their architecture and their frescoes.

Today Kočani is a modern city with planned infrastructure, roads, many modern buildings and apartment blocks, a hospital, a shopping centre, a park and a newly built industrial zone. All these are carefully planned and structured according to modern standards of living and aesthetics.

Source: Vladimir Kirin. Serbian national costumes. Srpske nacionalne kostime.


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