French musketeers, nobility in c.1680.

On the history of costumes. Forty-fourth sheet. Last third of the XVIIth century. Münchener Bilderbogen No. 747. Illustration by F. Rothbart.

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17th century French Costumes

French Musketeers, nobility, farmer, gendarmerie. Baroque fashion period.

Last third of the XVIIth century. Reign of King Louis XIV (1643-1715).

Top row left: Officer and Musketeer of the French Guard. Right: an officer of the palace guard. Infantry Officer. Bottom row left to right: French farmers. Policeman on horseback. Right: French nobleman and military officer. 

Source: Münchener Bilderbogen 1848 bis 1898. On the history of costumes. Published by Braun & Schneider. Kgl. Hof-und Universitäts-Buchdruckerei von Dr. C. Wolf & Sohn in Munich.

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