Outfielder of the French light infantry in Mexico.

Outfielder. French light infantry voltigeur uniform

French light infantry voltigeur, Mexico.

Outfielder of the French light infantry in Mexico 1861.

Infanterie légère d’une compagnie de voltigeurs (Mexique).

French intervention in Mexico from December 8, 1861 to 21 June 1867th
The French intervention in Mexico was an intervention of France in the internal affairs of Mexico. The aim was to install a dependent of France monarchy.

From the book: Histoire de l’Armée et de tous les régiments depuis les premiers temps de la Monarchie jusqu’à nos jours par M. Adrien Pascal. Paris, Dutertre, Libraire -Editeur 1861.
Illustré par M. Philippoteaux, E. Charpentier, H. Bellangé, de Moraine, Morel-Fatio, Sorieul, etc.

Adrien Pascal (1815-1863) was a French military historian. He was the head of department of advertising at the Imperial Commission of the Universal Exhibition of 1855.
Philippoteaux, Félix Henri Emmanuel (French painter, engraver and illustrator, 1815–1884).

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