Military Shakos of the Napoleonic wars.

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Shakos Napoleonic wars.

Shakos 19th century. Napoleonic wars.

  • 582 – Voltigeurs shako of military men (Cercle Intérieur) of the Canton of Appenzell (Switzerland). Order to 1813. From Canton Appenzell Inner-Rhoden.
  • 584 – Infantry shako of a sergeant of the Canton of Geneva (Switzerland). Order to 1815.
  • 585 – Infantry shako of Neufchatel (Switzerland) from the time of Prussian reign (1814-48). Order to 1830.
  • 587 – Grenadier shako of I. Royal Prussian Guard Infantry Regiment on foot. In order 1815. With high white-black Stutz.
  • 588 – Infantry shako, Prussia 1815. Leather furniture back restored.
  • 589 – Officer’s shako from the Fusilier Battalion of the XVIII infantry regiment of the Royal Prussian infantry. Order to 1830. With high black-and-white plume and silver curtain.
  • 595 – Shako of 2 Prussian Hussars (gen. 2nd Hussars Regiment). Order to 1824. With skull, white curtain, white, high neck. The regiment fought in the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig under Major Stössel at Möckern.
  • 598 – Shako of a lines dragoon from the Kingdom of Prussia. With a high, white neck and white curtain. Order to 1821.
  • 601 – Shako and cartridge of the Prussian horsemen artillery. Order to 1825. With high black Stutz.
  • 613 – Shako Artillery of Hesse-Darmstadt. Order to 1828. With plume.
  • 614 – Voltigeurs shako of a sergeant of the Lübeck citizens Military (Hanseatic troops). Green color, gold braid, red curtain, green-yellow plume, shako plate with hunter horn. Order to 1820.
  • 615 – Flanqueur shako of the Nassau infantry. Order to 1820.
  • 616 – Shako of the 2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment. Order to 1810. Plate with 2 and N, yellow curtain, yellow pompom. The second Regiment fought against Prussia 1806-1807, 1809 against Austria, from 1808 to 1813 in Spain, 1815 in the Battle of Waterloo.
  • 621 – Officer’s shako of the infantry of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar. Order to 1828. With gilt monogram C. F.
  • 625 – Shako of the 2nd (?) Württemberg, light Cavalry Regiment (No. 12). Order to 1813. Shako plate with monogram FR, neck plate, above the thick blue stripes.
  • 626 – Shako of a trumpeter of Württemberg (3rd?) Cavalry Regiment. Order to 1815. Red color, coat of arms, gold braid, golden pompom.
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