Tag: Second Rococo period

Second Rococo fashion era. Crinoline fashion from 1842 to about 1870.

The hoop skirt and its development within the history of costumes.

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The hoop skirt in the age of the Spanish fashion (Renaissance) 16th century, in the age of rococo (Baroque), 18th century, crinoline fashion, 19th century.

Coiffes. Les modes du second empire. Costume féminin français.

Coiffes, Capuchons, costume, féminin, français, modes, second empire,

L’histoire du costume féminin français. Les modes du second empire 1852 a 1870. Coiffes, Capuchons. Châle brodé, Pèlerine carrée en satin piquée, Cravate de putois, Bachelick, capuchon de cachemire.