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Francis I. 1515 to 1545. Renaissance fashion.

Renaissance, fashion, Francis I, 16th century, costumes.

French Renaissance Costumes. History of Fashion. Reign of Francis the First

Fashion under the Reign of FRANCIS I. 1515 to 1545.

(French Renaissance costume period.)

The court of Francis I. — A speech of Charles V. — The king’s liberality — Order of the Cordelière — Word paintings of the fashions of the day, by Rabelais — Costumes of the seasons — Feather fans Sunshades — The ” hoche-plis ” or vertugadin — Mme. de Tressan saves her cousin’s life — Satires and songs — Mdlle. de Lacépède — “Contenances” — Silk shoes with slashes — Head-dress called a “passe-filon” — Increase of love of dress — The bean flower — Artistic head-dresses — Twists of hair called ratraprenades — Ferronières—Coaches in Paris ; their influence on the fashions.

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