Trouser shapes of Asia Minor. Turkey, Kurdish, Persian.

Trouser, shapes, Asia Minor, Turkey, Kurdish, Persian,
Trouser shapes of Asia Minor.


  1. Turkish men’s trousers made of cloth with a lace-up hem of calico and cord trim (black sarawoje). Balkan slant type.
  2. Pair of Armenian women’s trousers in striped half silk. Caucasus.
  3. Persian men’s trousers with linen hem.
  4. Trousers of a Kurdish leader made of dark blue cloth with trimming of red and gold cords. The cord hem is made of salmon-coloured silk and embroidered with yellow silk cord. The light blue drawstring, like all these cords, is made of crocheted cotton cord that can be pulled apart like a net; to make it fit better, it is weighted with stones at the bottom inside.

Source: Max Tilke.

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