Renaissance Helmet of Alfonso Piccololomini di Firenze.

Alfonso Piccololomini, Renaissance helmet. Military, Italy,

Italy. Helmet sixteenth century with the coat of arms of the bandit Alfonso Piccolomini.

Renaissance Helmet of Alfonso Piccololomini di Firenze.

Italia. Morrion del siglo XVI con el escudo de armas del bandolero Piccolomini.

Alfonso Piccololomini di Firenze. Count of Montemarciano, also known as “King of the Maremma”, “wild man” and “the priest Guercino.” He was a mercenary who then became a renegade and an outlaw, leading for years a group of bandits, until his capture and successive execution. His possessions in Montemarciano were confiscated by the Pope, while those in Siena were seized by the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Alfonso the famous outlaw (born 1551 in Siena, executed 1591 in Florence) came from the influential Italian noble family Piccolomini from Sienna, Tuscany, who posed several Popes. His father was Jacopo Todeschini Piccolomini Duke of Monte Marciano (Giacomo Duke of Montemarciano), Great-grandson of Giacomo Todeschini-Piccolomini and Camilla Monaldeschi, Grandniece of Pope Martin V. his mother Isabella was the daughter of Nicola Orsini, Count of Pitigliano (1510 – 1594). The Orsini are a widely ramified Roman aristocracy family, originally known as Bobonen, who played a major role in Italian history between 1100 and 1900. From the Orsini family came three Popes, 24 Cardinals and numerous other high ecclesiastical dignitaries as well as secular princes. The family still exists today and belongs to the European aristocracy.

Source: Galería del Arte Decorativo: Enciclopedia Universal de Trajes, Armas, Muebles, Arquitectura, Útiles Domésticos y Ornamentación de Todos los Tiempos. Editor: J. Aleu Fugarull, Barcelona 1824.

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Renaissance Helmet of Alfonso Piccololomini di Firenze.
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