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Fashion and costume illustrations of the Renaissance. Restored from various, rare sources. Renaissance (French for “rebirth”) describes a European cultural epoch mainly 15th and 16th century. The end of the era takes place in the early 17th century in Italy by the newly prominent baroque style.

Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry.

Henry IV at the battle of Ivry. 14 March 1590. Huguenot. Wars of Religion. Renaissance costume history. Military Uniform 16th century

Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry: “Stand with my white plume”. March 14, 1590.

Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry.

King Henry IV indicating its white plume at the Battle of Ivry on March 14, 1590.  “Stand with my white plume”. Henri IV à la bataille d’Ivry: “Ralliez-vous à mon panache blanc”

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The king’s guard. Chevau-légers.

Chevau-légers. 16th century military. Renaissance soldier. French Cavalry uniform

Chevau-légers. Light horsemen. 1560 to 1600. The custody of King Henry IV. Sergeant in armor.

Chevau-légers. The Guard troops of the Ancien Régime.

The king’s guard. Sergeant in armor. 1560 to 1600.

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