Antonio Tebaldeo. Italian poet of the renaissance. 16th century.

Antonio Tebaldeo, Italy, poet, Renaissance,
Antonio Tebaldeo. Italian poet of the renaissance.

Antonio Tebaldeo. Italian poet of the renaissance.

Antonio Tebaldeo (1463–1537) was born in Ferrara, where he was an educator of Isabella d’Este and then secretary of Lucretia Borgia. During the tenure of Pope Leo X, he went to Rome, where he enjoyed the papal promotion, and befriended there by writers and artists to, inter alia, with Raffael. Tebaldeo wrote numerous sonnets and and shepherds poems in Latin and Italian. He is the successor of Francesco Petrarch.

It is now assumed that the famous grave inscription on the grave stone of Raphael, from him and not, as previously thought of Pietro Bembo. „Ille hic est Raphael, timuit quo sospite vinci, rerum magna parens et moriente mori.“ “This here is Raphael, of which the great mother of the things (Nature) is feared to be exceeded as long as he lived, and to die with him when he died.”


Note:  Jeanne d’Autriche. Joanna of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

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