Ancient Egypt native of Punt 17th dynasty

Ancient Egypt costume. Native of Punt. Egyptian hairstyles.

Native of Punt.

Ancient Egypt costume. Native of Punt.

Painting: Native of Punt (Thebes: El-Assacif – 17th dynasty.). Punt was a land of gold, whose name evidenced by ancient Egyptian inscriptions. Another name for the region was “Ta Netjer” (“God’s Country”) as a tribute to the goddess Hathor. There are only guesses, which present town was meant. The Egyptians imported from Punt probably since the 3rd millennium BC.  incense, ebony, ivory, gold, eyeshadow, silver, salt, monkeys, dogs, panther skins and ostrich feathers and eggs. From representations in Egyptian inscriptions indicate that Punt was located east of Egypt at the sea.

Peinture: Indigène du pays de pount (Thèbes: El-Assacif – XVIIe. dynastie).
From the book: Histoire de l’art égyptien: d’après les monuments; depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu’à la domination romaine by Prisse D’Avennes and Achille Constant Théodore Émile, 1878.

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Note:  New Kingdom, clothing in ancient Egypt.

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