Bishop of Utrecht and Chorboys, 16th century.

Bishop, Utrecht, 16th century, Choirboys, costumes
George van Egmond, Bishop of Utrecht.

Bishop of Utrecht 16th century.

188-189. Choirboys.
90. Antonie Taets van Amerongen, Canon of Utrecht.
191. Joost Praet van Moerkerken, Canon of the Utrecht Cathedral.
192. George van Egmond, Bishop of Utrecht.
193-204. Baldachin carriers.

Source: Costume cavalcade, has held by members of the Leidsch Studenten Corps, at 24th of June 1890, commemorating the 300th anniversary of Leyden University, re-living the State-entry of Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), into Nijmegen municipality, the Netherlands, 9th February 1546.

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